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Noel C. Arlington VA

Great burgers. Better than that "other" burger joint. More variety, friendlier service, and I prefer the crispier, seasoned, fries here than at that "other" place. Although I like the classic old school feel while eating there, I think the trolley could use a wash. Oh and don't forget your CASH! (ATM in bank)

Chris K. Arlington, VA

Just back from a late "lunch" there. Instead of getting a half-smoke at a downtown dog cart I don't know, I dug a coupla more bucks --in fact a fin-- out of my pocket. That plus a nickel got me a famous Ollie Burger: 1/3 of ground round cooked to order (they WILL do rare), with sliced red onions, lettuce, tomato, and Ollie sauce (sort of like French salad dressing...nothing chopped fine in there like pickles or anything...just smooth and sweet, tangy, and salty) on a sesame seed bun. Cooked to order, the meat has the texture of a hand-formed patty and has (for me) the right amount of fat. I don't (and didn't) order fries, because what always happens is I eat about 6 or 8 and then get tired of them while I fill up on the entree and then they get cold and just want them away from me. Even though I didn't order a drink or ask for it, they put a tall cup of ice water on the tray with my burger...a nice touch on a hot, humid day. They have nice squeeze bottle condiments, too -- hand-labeled "hot sauce" and "bbq sauce." I have a thing for hand-labeled, squeeze-bottle condiments, because they're usually delicious, but this time I just let the Ollie Sauce work its magic. This was just a perfect, decidedly unpretentious and certainly non-gourmet or even home backyard barbeque burger. In fact, it was precisely the opposite: the kind of burger they used to have at Hot Shoppes and still have in some diners and greasy spoons but is increasingly hard to find in this area. Not a fast food burger either. Just a well-made burger made quickly by a short order cook on a grill top with fresh-tasting ingredients and nothing fancy (not even cheese on the default Ollie Burger). There's something great about still knowing where you can get that, because sometimes that's what hits the spot. Plus, I mean, $5.05!!

Natalie L, Houston, TX

When I come back to visit, Ollie's Trolley is definitely on top of my list.

Dave C. Washington DC

Don't let the goofy circus exterior fool you; this place has some of the best burgers and fries anywhere and is really spot-on when you want some filthy food to make you feel good.

The fries are made with like "51 spice" or something that's pretty similar to old bay seasoning, but it works. The burgers are regular sized and taste fresh without being pretentious. If you are downtown and thinking fast food, skip Mickey Ds and Five Guys and go to Ollie's.

Ronald R, Chambersburg, PA

Once a year, I take a group of my students to DC for the day. We usually eat dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. This year, when we stopped in the Cafe, they said it would be an hour and thirty minutes until we could be seated. SCREW THAT! We were hungry, so we left and said that we'd eat in the first place we saw (that wasn't extremely expensive). We saw this bright yellow place with the neon signs "Ollie Burgers - Ollie Fries" and I asked the kids if they wanted to try it. They were pretty hungry, so we went in. It was cold outside, so the warmth was welcome, and the place smelled delicious. I ordered a double cheeseburger with ketchup and pickles, fries, and a Coke. I saw the price as around $8 and thought the meal would maybe feed a three year old child. But I was pleasantly surprised at how big the meal was and how great the fries were. One of my students commented that she was glad that we didn't go to the HRC, and another said that we should make Ollies our regular dinner stop from now on. I agreed. The only weird thing was, you have to ask for a key to the bathroom if you want to wash your hands before eating.

Gayle G. Woodbridge, VA

This place serves, essentially, a heart attack on a plate..but it is so, so good. When we were going to see a show at the Warner every month, we would stop here for a bite. What this hood doesn't have much off is dive-type places that are open past 5pm to get a quick meal. Thankfully, for that-- there is Ollie's.

The fries here are pretty darn good. Nah, scratch that..they are delicious. Dusted with a bit of spice (not sure what) they are little fried potato sticks of goodness.

The burgers and half smokes are pretty darn good, too. The inside of this place is pretty well warn, and actually pretty trippy. You gotta see it to believe it.

Jazmin I. Brooklyn, NY

I only tried the fries, but they were insanely delicious. I wish they made fries that way somewhere in New York....

425 12th St, NW, Washington, DC 20004
(located at the corner of 12th St. & E St. and one block away from the Metro Center station)

Tour buses and groups welcome.
No email or phone orders except for 20 or more.

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